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1.Materials Procurement Policy
To provide clients with the highest quality of products and services, our objective is “ideal procurement,” which for us means searching for a business partner with broad, competitive power and vitality. With regard to this partner, we make it a principle to be open and honorable. It is our fundamental policy to pursue procurement activities on the basis of impartiality and the most fitting cost.

2. Main Items for Procurement
Field Class Subject
Equipment &Facilities Production Mechanical parts; Canning equipment; Assembly and adjustment
Control panels; Internal wiring work
Items for Purchase Braking equipment; Conduction/transmission equipment; Bearings; Bushings; Oil hydraulic equipment
Pneumatic equipment; Conveyors; Fans, pumps, sensors; Valves
Machine tools; Physics/Chemistry equipment; Canning equipment parts; Board boxes
Electrical Equipment Production Printed circuit boards; Electrical equipment assembly; Molded plastic parts
Items for Purchase Electrical parts; Printed circuit boards; Cables; Measuring instruments
Documents Production Editing
Joint Items for Purchase Personal computers and peripherals; Business software
General office supplies; Miscellaneous
Other Printing

Please direct inquiries regarding purchasing to the following:

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