Corporate Profile


Corporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Become a Company Where Each Employee Feels Motivated and Thrives

For Every Employee to Live a Good Life
This has been the main theme of our corporate philosophy since our founding.
The definition of a good life of course differs person to person, but we believe the ability to feel motivated and thrive is part of everyone’s idea of a good life.
If we speak from a corporate engineering perspective, the company is the apparatus for employees to realize prosperity.
This apparatus is an enterprise engaged in manufacturing to offer prosperity to each and every employee by bringing together people passionate about engineering as a powerful team of technical experts to send out into society. This is our goal.

Become a Company Possessing Powerful Technology Needed by the Market to Broadly Help Customers

Technology will never stop evolving. The needs of the market change dynamically as time passes, and it is not unusual for industries that once flourished to disappear.
Manufacturers need to have the strength to overcome the tides of change.
We are creating distinct technology needed by society without depending on a specific industry or trade. We have the ability to overcome hardships and will provide high-quality solutions by refining our businesses as a partner who earns trust from a wide variety of customers.

Become a Company Flexibly Responding to Social Changes to Enjoy Change and Steady Growth

We began as an individual design firm in 1970.
In the roughly 50 years that have passed since, we have responded to customer needs and repeatedly reformed ourselves while expanding our business regions to grow into a total engineering company boosting machine design, manufacturing, electronic, programming, and document service departments.
We will remain sensitive to the changes of society now and into the future without fear of that change to always drive forward as a company aligned with society.