Document Services


Document Services

The Most Powerful Communication Tool is a Manual

Products incorporate the passion for manufacturing from the engineers and planners to the designers and marketers. These things are the result of the knowledge and skill of all of the staff who involved.

Their legacy is only fulfilled once the user can use the product to its fullest.
Manufacturing does not end when the products are shipped but rather when the market gets satisfaction from using these products fully. This was the job of manufacturing in the past and it is the same today.

The best way for manufacturers to clearly deliver their message to each and every user that they cannot speak to directly is through user guides and instruction manuals.
Users will not be satisfied if they cannot get the most out of their product because of a hard-to-understand manual.
Confusing manuals for business devices may result in lower operational performance due to a greater internal workload or heighten the risk of major accidents.

The final mission of a manufacturer to fully complete their work is to create manuals that are easier to read and understand.

Document Production at Youth Engineering

Surmountable Understanding of Technology Only an Engineering Company
Engaged in Manufacturing Would Possess

Know-how Across Diverse Business Fields
Accumulated with 35 Years of Experience

Document production is one of the businesses Youth Engineering was founded upon and the source of our manufacturing.

In the 35 years that have passed since, we have connected manufacturers and users through manual production for residential equipment as well as amusement, medical, and communication devices in addition to a variety of other machines with AV equipment and industrial machines at the core.

Our established stance to see products from the perspective of users is a fundamental approach that we use in all of our work, even in the machine and control business as well as the electronics business.

Youth Engineering always provides high-quality document services, including ideal manuals, thanks to an understanding of technology only an engineering company that makes hardware and software would have in addition to our experience describing technology in the language of users.

Benefits Provided by Document Production

1. Reduce the costs and time for manual production.

We have documented the know-how we have cultivated in a production track record across a broad range of fields over 35 years and created a template optimized for each type of business and machine.
We leverage this template to create high-quality manuals that support simultaneous worldwide releases more quickly and at a lower cost thanks to our cooperation with the largest translation firm in Asia.

2. Reduce service costs.

We leverage our internal resources to produce video and online content.
These resources contribute to improving the usability and satisfaction of users while also contributing to the reduction of service costs such as servicing of machines and training costs in remote locations.

Service Field

We provide a variety of solutions for documentation in each field below.
Furthermore, Youth Engineering can handle almost all of the software used in business today and is able to flexibly format documentation according to the environment of the customer.

Software In-use

  • InDesign
  • FrameMaker
  • MS Word
  • PageMaker
  • QuarkXPress
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • SolidWorks
  • 3D Reviewer
  • Premiere Pro
  • ePublisher
  • Unity 3D
  • Maya