Electronic Systems


Electronic Systems

Medical Equipment

Multifunction Device Applications

We are an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM; design to manufacture) who is producing functional units employed in medical equipment.
By leveraging our technical strength in design, we examine and offer solutions to each and every challenge faced by our customers such as proposals for new functionality and lower cost designs and supply units produced on our own manufacturing lines.

Medical Equipment
Inspection Devices


  • Additional designs for new functionality
  • Revised designs
  • Designs to reduce costs that anticipate parts, construction, and manufacturability
  • Designs to improve usability from the perspective of users

Actual Examples

  • Improvements to methods to secure the lever of the core area in medical tube pumps (3D CAD)
  • Noise reduction via the optimization of the wall geometry of medical tube pumps (3D CAD)
  • Exterior design and design of medical equipment (3D CAD)
  • Development of bubble detection units (sensors/boards)
  • Testing devices to confirm the durability of rubber components for medical use (jigs)
  • Medical-related equipment: Processor before DNA chip (Automatic hybrid cleansing unit) Medical-related: Processor after DNA chip (board/software)