Electronic Systems


Electronic Systems

Microcomputer Software

Multifunction Device Applications

Youth Engineering develops software that runs on the microcomputers built into industrial and consumer electronic products and industrial inspection machines.
We develop and design software via contracts and engage in our own in-house development of products.


We are mainly focused on the design and development of AV equipment, appliances, and inspection/measurement equipment, but we also provide software according to customer requests regardless of the field.
Youth Engineering also works with its hardware engineers to widely address the requirements of our customers by building consistent development frameworks from board manufacturing to software development.

In addition, we have a wealth of knowledge in the control of various peripheral devices and actuators, which allows us to meet requests in a variety of development scenarios.

Youth Engineering is excellent at embedded software development without operating systems, but it also engages in software development that uses RTOS. Most of our development is written in the C programming language.

Actual Examples

  • Software development for indoor and outdoor units as well as remote controls for air-conditioning systems (industrial/consumer)
  • Software development for video, DVD, and projectors
  • Software development for inspection machines and measurement instruments
  • Compatible with a variety of microcomputers with Renesas Electronics microcomputers (H8/M16/M32/RX/RL/V850/78K0, etc.) at the core
  • Systems that use PIC microcontrollers and Raspberry Pis