In-house Development


In-house Development

Vacuum Plasma Processing Apparatus

Vacuum plasma processing uses vacuum plasma to enhance hydrophilicity and adhesion.

Vacuum Plasma Processing Apparatus
Entire Apparatus
Processing Chamber (During Discharge)
Processing Chamber (During Discharge)


The vacuum plasma processing apparatus allows hydrophilization of material surfaces that are highly water resistant, such as Teflon (PTFE).

The effectiveness of the process lasts longer.


Plasma Source High-frequency discharge
Processing Method Sheet/batch processing (optionally also supports roll-shaped samples)
Application Range Adhesion, printing, painting, coating
Other Youth Engineering will design and manufacturer various options based on your request.

Processing Example


PTFE Before Processing/After Processing

Better Adhesion (Cross-cut Test)

CU Film/PET Before Processing/After Processing *Cu film processed with a DC sputter