In-house Development


In-house Development

Air-pressure Plasma Processing Apparatus

This unit can process any rolled or sheet work.
The air-pressure plasma processing can even be implemented into existing lines with only a processing head.

Air-pressure Plasma Processing Apparatus
Entire Apparatus
Apparatus Configuration
Apparatus Configuration
Processing Head (Plasma Electrodes)
Processing Head (Plasma Electrodes)


The air-pressure plasma processing apparatus allows continuous roll-to-roll surface processing with film substrates.

This unit can also provide sheet-shaped work processing.

The processing head can be mounted easily in existing equipment due to the small size.


Processing Method Dielectric barrier discharge (remote plasma)
Substrate conveyor Roll-to-roll (3-inch paper tube support; Maximum winding diameter: 150 mm; Feeding speed: 1-15 m/min)
Vacuum suction table (330 mm × 410 mm; Feeding speed: Up to 15 m/min)
Plasma Irradiation Rate 330 mm × 3 Lines
Power Source for Plasma Production Input: 3-phase 200V; 50-60 Hz; Power Consumption: 1.5 kVA
Gas Injection System Massflow controller (N2 standard; other gas options are available)
Operation System Manual operation
Utility Power source of operation panel: Single-phase 100V/500 W (Max.)
Air Pressure: 4 kgf/cm2 or higher (injection for vacuum suction table)
N2 gas MIN40SLM/line
Exhaust equipment is required depending on the type of gas to use and the operation conditions.

Processing Example

PET Before Processing/After Processing

PP Before Processing/After Processing

AI Before Processing/After Processing

Cu Before Processing/After Processing