Electronic Systems


Electronic Systems

Vital Creator Who Builds the Future of Society

The importance of embedded software is growing as the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly becomes the standard in a generation connecting appliances, all industrial machines as well as systems via a network. This is because the desired usability, safety, and efficiency are achieved through the software embedded into each device.

In recent years, industry overall is expected to continue to grow more than 15% a year for the next few years, especially growth in the medical and surveillance monitoring markets*. (Based on MIC Research Institute Ltd. Research in 2017)

As the regions to cover expand from conventional modules to telecommunications and applications, embedded software and built-in electronic components are advancing individualization and segmentation and pursuing high technological capabilities, speed, and cost awareness in production.

The ability for embedded components and software that cannot be repaired later on to precisely execute the desired functionality is a necessity. The capabilities of the company entrusted with this are indispensable in order to support society now and into the future.
The embedded software industry is not a slave to the IT industry, but a vital creator who builds the future of society.

Programming and Electronic Device Production at Youth Engineering

Total Solutions for Built-in Microcomputers,
Computer Applications and Electric Machines!

Adaptability and Communication backed
by Production Experience
in a Plethora of Business Fields

The Electronic Systems Department provides high-quality solutions that rapidly take shape as the users envision while our engineers talk directly with our customers founded in our wealth of experience.

We started from the production of microcomputers for electronic devices and have been able to expand our wings while responding to user needs.
This department is largely broken up into three sections. The sections are divided into embedded software, Windows applications, and electronic device manufacturing. Going beyond the framework of general programming, we are nurturing a team able to fully develop and produce microcomputer software built into machines, electronic devices with that software built in as well as computer software able to manage, analyze and display the data that is collected.

Today, Youth Engineering is steadily expanding its business track record as a partner of the major enterprises that lead each industry in a broad range of business categories, including medicine, air-conditioning, residential equipment, design, measurement, power and transportation. At the same time, we are selling scanning software for a wide range of multifunction devices as a product developed in-house that has been highly praised as standard in this area in addition to ODM and contract development.

Benefits Provided by Electronic Systems

1. Develop embedded software fast and at a low cost.

We quickly extract problem points and challenges of the required specifications and execute efficient designs accurately thanks to our ability to understand complex specifications accumulated in development of embedded software for over more than 30 years. Furthermore, engineers talk directly with the person in charge on the client side to limit misunderstandings while simultaneously responding immediately to sudden requests as well as condensing the work period while also reducing costs.

2. Produce components that realize both better functionality and lower costs.

Engineers experienced in component production involved in all aspects of embedded system development, component production, and application development deliver components able to execute the desired functionality precisely while keeping in mind a high-level of cost awareness anticipating support for the rate of defects and age deterioration.

Service Field

We are conducting the development of a broad range of software and electronic devices in each field below regardless of the type of business. We are able to cover a vast area of database formats and programming languages.

  • Design and development of electronic devices
  • Development of Windows applications
  • Design and development of embedded software
  • Development and sale of applications developed in-house

Microcomputers In-Use

  • RX, RL78, and R8C family
  • M16C family
Other Main Microcomputers
  • MPS430 (Texas Instruments)
  • T-Engine (µITRON)

Development Environment

Circuit/Board Design
  • CAD CR5000SD
  • CSI
Mechanism/Exterior Design
  • CAD Solid Works
Software Design
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclips
  • High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW)
  • CubeSuite+ (CS+)

Databases In-use

  • Oracle
  • SQL-Server
  • My SQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • MS-Access

Programming Languages

  • C
  • VC++
  • Visual Basic (VB)
  • NET (C#/VB)
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • JAVA
  • XML