In-house Development


In-house Development

Creating Value by Anticipating Tomorrow

The time for innovation even in a world of industrial machines comes in a generation changing with unparalleled speed.
There is an emergence of new technologies such as Machine to Machine (MtoM), which provides advanced processing and control by communicating information directly between devices through a computer network. More sophisticated technology and independent adaptability are required in the production of machines compatible with these new technologies.
This means the role of the machine industry has shifted from the production and sale of devices to the sale of performance achieved via machines (specific value).

As we look out over society, we can see the standardization of public enterprises and procurement via e-bidding due to the prevalence of telecommunication infrastructure dedicated to government and local municipalities. In other words, the Business-to-Government (B2G) market is growing. Each company must acquire pertinent information and make precise decisions from that information while generating appeal for their originality and superiority to respond to the globalization and acceleration of business.

Industrial machines for all manufacturing are the driving force pushing the generation toward the future one step at a time.
The creation of value anticipates tomorrow with the flexibility to adapt to change by gathering but not being manipulated by information. The machine production industry has been entrusted with creating value in the form of revolutionary manufacturing.

In-house Development at Youth Engineering

Proprietary technology evolved according to market analysis.
Manufacturing Anticipating Needs

Youth Engineering participates in joint university-industry projects.
Leading-edge Research Support via Laboratory Machine Production

Youth Engineering receives a wide range of inquiries from throughout Japan.
Those inquiries include questions about challenges no one has yet to solve.

University and research institutes in Japan are furthering research in new production technologies, but this research does not immediately bear fruit. A number of hurdles have to be overcome from the theoretical to reach the practical introduction on a production line as a real machine.

To overcome these obstacles, Youth Engineering engages in joint academic-industry projects with each research institute and university and develops experimental devices in fields from web handling and film deposition to roll presses, air-pressure plasma, and lasers in addition to in-house development according to market research.

Our development is opening avenues to next-generation manufacturing unified with the local community through grants and subsidies from organizations such as the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (research led by NEDO), the New Technology Development Foundation, the Ehime Industrial Promotion Foundation (Industrial Promotion Foundation Research Grant for Industry from Academia), and the Federation of Small Business Associations (Manufacturing Subsidy).

Main Products/Solutions

We are developing and providing a variety of solutions in each field below.