Electronic Systems


Electronic Systems

Application Software

Application Software

Youth Engineering primarily develops a variety of software that runs on Windows computers.
We handle requests in a wide range of scenarios from new development that matches the various requirements and requests to modifications and additional specifications for existing software.



We select the programming language best for the development requirements and environment from a variety of programming languages such as VC+, VB, and C# to develop application software.

Youth Engineering also develops dedicated applications linked closely to embedded machines.

In addition to independent computer applications, we develop applications that control peripheral devices such as measurement instruments, external input/output and cameras.

We also handle other requests, including maintenance of customer applications, specification and document creation, and migration of applications to new programming languages.

Actual Examples

  • CAD system for equipment
  • Hospital examination system
  • Duty Management Systems
  • Diagnostic management system for plant machines
  • Various data collection systems
  • Various waveform analysis systems
  • Data management/report production systems
  • Machine anomaly monitoring system (trigger/continuous monitoring, etc.)
  • Electric output monitoring display system for factories